Window Cleaning

There are many types and styles of windows. Every job creates a unique requirement of skills and technique. We offer inside and outside cleaning of every kind. Here are some examples of what kind of windows you may have in your home:

  • Standard Double Pane Windows
  • Arch Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Mutton Windows
  • French Door Windows
  • Storm / Double Hung Windows
  • Single Pane Windows


Screen Cleaning

There are a variety of ways window cleaners will clean screens. Some methods work better than others and can be more efficient than others as well. At Squeaky Clean Windows you can be sure that we will handle and clean your screens with the most care. We provide a comprehensive shampooing to ensure that your screens are as clean as possible.


Window Track Cleaning


The window tracks are one of the most over looked cleaning projects in the entire house. Most homes being built these days consist of vinyl windows. Vinyl material is greatly affected by temperature and weather with the material expanding and contracting with the change of temperature. In this process, dirt that accumulates on the surface of vinyl can get baked right into the material. At this point it becomes very difficult to remove the dirt and bring the new look back. Running the slider window across the track on a regular basis also creates a good amount of damage to the track. A suggestion from our team at Squeaky Clean Windows is to perform a basic wipe down of the tracks between cleanings especially if your home is in a dusty area. Most of our clients have us detail the tracks once a year. If your needs are any different please let us know and we will gladly adjust your cleaning schedule to your needs.


Skylight Cleaning


Skylights can be very difficult to clean due to the fact they are usually on the ceiling and hard to reach. The different kinds of skylights that exist need to be taken in consideration of how to clean a skylight and what kind of chemicals you need to use in order to get them clean. A clean skylight makes a home feel brighter and cleaner inside.


Mirror Cleaning

Most don't think about having us clean the mirrors in their home. This is most likely the glass that homeowners clean the most on their own. Mirrors are commonly looked into on a daily basis or more. We would be happy to clean the mirrors in your home each time we come out to service the home even if you are only due for an outside cleaning.




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Quarterly Window Cleaning

If you know that you want to make window cleaning a regular thing, this is the program for you. Have your windows cleaned 4 times a year for a low monthly cost. Click below to learn more!