Set it and forget it.

In addition to our window and glass cleaning services, we offer a quarterly window cleaning program. If you are wanting to make cleaning your windows a regular occurrence throughout the year, this is the program for you.

For a low monthly fee, we can provide the following:

  • 4 outside cleanings per year
  • 2 inside cleanings per year
  • 1 screen cleaning
  • 1 track cleaning

Enjoy these extra benefits:

  • Discounts on each cleaning
  • 14 day rain guarantee
  • Personalized service reminders
  • Fixed price for life
  • 5% off heat cable service



to schedule a free estimate:

Call us at (801) 645-7745 or click the link below!

Disclaimer: Phone estimates are based on the information provided by the client over the phone. All information will need to be verified by a qualified representative from Squeaky Clean Windows. Prices may change due to various information, conditions, access, and or circumstances.